Does He Love You

Does He love You?

You have been dating for seven months. You have not been out of one another's sight since you started dating. Sure he SAYS he loves you, but something just refuses to allow you to BELIEVE him when he says those words.

We are here to help… We are going to list the signs that your man has it BAD in the RIGHT way. Relax…. How could he NOT love YOU?

YOU are his Priority

  1. Does your boyfriend change plans to be together, or does HE seem to be his priority? Let me give you a hypothetical example.  You have to work late on a night the two of you made plans with friends. Does your Boyfriend go-ahead to the planned meetup, or does he wait until you are done before striking out to the fun?  A man in love will not be able to have a good time without the woman he is enamored with.

Do you often catch him looking at you when you are not looking?

When a man is in love he will get lost staring at the object of his affection. Men are visual and while they might not notice the tiniest changes you make to your hair, they know what turns them on.  If the man you are dating notices every woman that walks into the room he might not be that into you.


He asks for and takes your advice

Men will only ask the opinion of people affected by their choices. One of the reasons we do not ask for directions is that the person giving us the directions is not affected by how we get where we are going.  The same is true about other life decisions. If your significant other asks for your input on a big move, he is probably planning to include you in that move. 

You are included in his future plans.

If your boyfriend talks openly about his life and you are included in the picture that man is in LOVE. Does he give scenarios to his family and friends with the two of you occupying the narrative? LOVE. Most single men do not think 5, 10, and 15 years in the future. If he is discussing his life in the future and you are there, he loves you.

Speaking of making plans does he take you out with specific plans already made?

If he is no longer just “winging” your dates, things could be more serious to him than you realize.  Men have a tendency to want to plan elaborate dates to impress the object of their affection. We save the special dates for special people.

There is a biological reason men are not as good as women when it comes to remembering dates. It is really not how we think for the most part. Scientific studies prove that for whatever reason Men are complete crap at remembering anniversaries, and birthdates. If your Man starts remembering your birthday, and the day you met? This is a big deal.

He always tries to build you up, and encourage you

This is a big one because the opposite means the opposite. If he tries to tear you down or discourage you he most certainly does not love you. When all you hear is how awesome you are,  he is a keeper and is thinking about keeping YOU.

He has your back

When you need him he is right where you would hope he would be, right by your side. Instead of joining in the pile on, he is clearing the way and building you up. A man in love will not stand for the object of his affection impugned in any way.

You can fight with him and he does not run away like a scared rabbit.

If you have a serious disagreement and he not only fights fairly without name calling or yelling and screaming but also realizes it is not the end of the world you might have a winner. Disagreements are a part of relationships you are two different people and you will never find anyone who agrees with you 100% all the time. (Who would want that?) Finding someone who does not go nuclear over what to eat for dinner, or jumps all over the tiniest mistakes, is what you should be looking for.

When given the choice between seeing you and sleeping, or being with you or his friends and he picks you in those scenarios the boy is in love. If he drives miles out of his way to spend 20 minutes together or drops plans with his buddies to hang with you at the mall, that is money.  


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